The weight loss journey of Dina!

How did Dina lost 110 pounds and managed to keep it off? In this article, she will reveal her secret!

Moving to Australia from Hawaii 10 years ago resulted in a lot of weight gain for Dina Bigsworth.

She went from a highly active, outdoors lifestyle to a full-time homebody. After two years in Australia, she got pregnant and her weight gain just kept going up.

Once she gave birth, Bigsworth stopped working and fell into a depression for several years. She found herself gaining even more weight and was easily prone to anger.

Then, a couple of years ago, when Bigsworth couldn’t find anything decent to wear to a party, she decided it was time to make a change.

She started to experiment with different dietary approaches and found out that nothing worked out for her.

Her cravings for her favorite food made her impossible to lose weight. She was desperated.

Until she met a woman who used a secret brain-trick that made her lose 180 pounds of pure fat! While she enjoyed her favorite foods!

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